Hotelli IsoValkeinen Kuopio


A house with thousands of stories

Motel IsoVaIkeinenis builtin 1971. Highway 5 was brand new and tourism started to raise in Finland. Beautiful place beside lake Isovalkeinen, an easy reach and place near the city were the final reasonsto start a new motel.

The motel was first planned as an american-style road motel, where youpaid your room and got your key in a separate building, where you could also buy gas. Restaurantwas in its own building.

During the years IsoValkeinen had 2 new row houses for hotel rooms, asauna by the beach and large conference facilities. Hotel hashad many complete renovations. The last of them was completed in May 2016.

To the people of Kuopio Hotel IsoValkeinen is a part of city identity. Almost every on of them have their own experiences from tens of thousands of occasions and happeningsin Hotel IsoValkeinen during the years. The locals still call us "Valkeisen Motelli" as in 1971, of which we are proud of. This active 45-year-old hotel isgoing strongly forward!

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