Creamy salmon soup (L, G)
rye toast (L) and spread (L, G)
Small 15,00 €
Large 24,00 € 

Fresh salad (L, G)
mixed salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil vinaigrette and roasted seeds
rye toast (L) and spread (L, G)
Small 15,00 € 
Large 24,00 €

Salad after Your choice:
1. Strawberries and mozzarella (L, G)
2. Smoked salmon and dill smetana (L, G)
3. Crispy chicken with parmesan and  garlic mayo (M, G)
Small 15,00 € 
Large 24,00 € 


Fried vendaces (L)
potato hash, pickled cucumbers, dill smetana sauce
24,00 €

Steak & Fries (L, G)
fillet of beef 160 g, french fries, warm tomato salsa and lemon-herb seasoned butter
33,00 €

Burger IsoValkeinen style (L)
potato brioche from local bakery, garlic mayo, mixed salad, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese,
pickled cucumbers, tabasco tomatoes and red onion
22,00 € 

Weggie burger (L)
potato brioche from local bakery, bean steak IsoValkeinen style, garlic mayo, mixed salad,
crispy bacon, cheddar cheese,pickled cucumbers, tabasco tomatoes and red onion
21,00 €

Large toast with ham and cheese (L)
ham, cheddar. mozzarella, red onion and Dijon mustard
22,00 €

You may choose as side order to burgers and toast either:
1. French fries
2. Fresh salad incl. mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil vinaigrette and seeds

Chicken pasta (L)
pasta Penne, crispy Parmesan chicken,herb – cheese sauce and tomato salad
22,00 €

Grill platter (L, G)
local grilled sausages, fried egg, bacon, french fries, garlic mayo and BBQ sauce
20,00 €


Meat balls from Savo-Karjala region (L, G)
potato hash, cream sauce and watermelon
9,00 €

Ham pasta (L)
tomato-cream sauce and watermelon
9,00 €

Grilled chicken (L, G)
Coyntry style french fries, ketchup and watermelon
9,00 €

Kid´s burger (L)
filled with steak, Cheddar cheese and ketchup.
Country style french fries and watermelon
10,00 €


Lemon cheese cake (L)
with marinated berries of season
12,00 €

Ice cream (L, G)

Ice cream (after your choice):
1.Vanilla ice cream
2. Chocolate ice cream
3. Strawberry ice cream
4. Rhubarb sorbet
4,50 €/one ice cream cube

Sider orders (after your choice):
1. Caramel sauce
2. Chocolate sauce
3. Marinated berries of season
1,50 €/sauce or berries

L=lactose free M=dairy free G=gluten free

The country of origin of the meat used in the portions is Finland.

More information of the substances and products causing allergies and intolerances You get at serving staff.

More information:
tel. +358 17 539 6100 tai sales(@)

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